Hire the Right People, Easier

Reduce the cost of high turnover by hiring the right team from the start. Our hiring module allows you to sort candidates qualifications, invite them to interview, and streamline the hiring process. All information entered by the applicant flows seamlessly into the HR portal upon hire, eliminating double entry. Now you have more time, good people beside you and a better day ahead!


From Onboard to Offboard, We've Got You Covered

Our hiring module is ready to simplify the application process for interested job seekers and streamline the entire communications process between qualified and non-qualified respondents so you gain your next top talent quicker and easier.

Recruitment Module Qualify Candidates

Qualifying Candidates

Add specific requirements to each job listing such as experience or education to attract qualified applicants.

Recruitment Module One-click responses

One-Click Response

Respond to applicants with one-click. Whatever stage you move a candidate to, it only takes the click of a button.

Recruitment Module Hiring Task Reminders

Task Reminders

Task yourself or others to follow up with the right candidate, set an interview, and streamline the hiring process.

Recruitment Module Hiring Workflow

Custom Hiring Workflow

Every business has their own way of hiring.
Use one of our standard hiring workflows or we can match the system to meet your needs.

Recruitment Module Hiring Data & Analytics

Hiring Analytics

Do you know the average time it takes you
to hire a candidate, or your turnover percentage? You'll know these valuable insights and more.