Creating Higher Standards

Since 2014, we have pioneered Human Resources standards creation in Cannabis through our partnership with FOCUS as well as our industry leading consulting, surveys and audits. These services are at the center of our Highest Reward Insights.  HR Insights is designed to help you understand 1) how your HR processes are performing in your business today, 2) define where you want to be in the future, and then 3) establish how to get there. We know success comes from people and with our help you will begin to see the clear link between financial results and the way people work.

How is Your HR Performance?

HR Insights REVIEW

We start all of our Insights engagements with an HR audit to establish your baseline.  This is an objective look at your organization HR policies, practices, procedures and strategies from top to bottom.  This review of your current state helps us identify any specific areas of concern or improvement. The audit also aids in establishing the return on your HR investment.   

Where do you want to go?

HR Insights Strategy

Our HR experts partner with you to assess talent, design your organization, build your team and leadership capabilities, conduct employee surveys, evaluate jobs, manage talent, engage employees, and reward and recognize the right behaviors. We help you meet, and exceed, industry and external human resource standards and best practices. 

Let's get there!

HR Insights Consulting

Once you have established your audit baseline and identified the gaps, it’s time to put your plan or strategy into action.  With our assistance, we ensure you are able to put your people in the right job at the right time, and engage and reward them competitively.