Your Competitive Advantage Starts With Us

Highest Reward's one-source Human Resource solution combines leading technology and on-going HR professional and technical support. Our solution enables decision making that is in the best interest of your business and your employees. We provide the technology and HR services to address your growing needs.


How we save you money:

  • Continuous coverage during business hours
  • Costs associated with hiring a full-time human resource staff including salary, healthcare benefits and PTO
  • An HR infrastructure built with the modern worker in mind
  • Access to on-demand expert technical resources
  • Access to industry leading HR benchmarks and data on pay, benefits, engagement, and best practice

How we benefit your business:

  • Reduction in turnover
  • Control labor costs
  • Time back in your day
  • Employee output
  • Maximum ROI on your human capital

Our Partnership vs. HR System Only

When choosing your HR partner as a small business, you will typically encounter technology-only or multi-vendor solutions.  These vendors offer inconsistent levels of service and no Human Resource expertise. These solutions may be right for you if you have a team dedicated to HR and administrative tasks. Although they appear to be more cost effective, often ignored is the hidden cost of your time using a service that does not offer HR support outside of the system.


Our Partnership vs. PEO

In a PEO relationship the provider assumes control of your employees and becomes the employer of record. The responsibility for labor compliance also transfers to the provider and is now shared between the PEO and the employee's place of work. PEO solutions are historically cost prohibitive because as you grow, control over payroll, benefits, and HR decisions becomes mission critical to the business and a bigger percentage of the bottom line.