Transform your HR from a business risk
into a competitive advantage.

Each business we partner with has unique needs so we tailor a service offering to fit your business. We work with you to find out what your immediate needs are through our HR audit. Once established and on-track, we will help determine any on-going support to keep your HR running smoothly.

  • Comprehensive HR compliance Audit including FLSA
  • Employee Handbook and Policy Manual
  • Base and Incentive Compensation Programs
  • Benefit Selection and Administration
  • Onboarding Programs
  • Recruitment and Selection Process
  • Competency Development
  • Behavioral Profile Assessment, Aptitude,
    Other Assessment Tools
  • Job Descriptions (ADA Compliant)
  • Performance Management Program design
  • Labor Relations Services/Unions
  • Absenteeism/Turnover Analysis and Control
  • EEO/Affirmative Action Planning
  • Human Resource Training
  • Strategic Planning/Organizational Development Succession Planning
  • Safety/Health/OSHA Compliance Program

Is your business missing any of these important
HR support services? We're here to help.