Payroll Solutions Made Easier

Experience a unique, robust web-based application that simplifies your entire payroll process while ensuring accuracy and providing in-depth reporting options. Our payroll module has been developed to be both easy to use and intuitive, but most importantly it puts you in complete control of your payroll — every step of the way. Continuous processing makes payroll available whenever you need it. Real-time calculations let you know exactly what your people are doing and how much you’re paying them to do it. A versatile pay rules engine makes it easy to determine pay for regular or overtime hours and supports any number of scenarios, such as shift differentials, order of importance, location, and more. Self-service functionality takes the application one step further by empowering your employees to manage several of their payroll-related tasks, such as direct deposit accounts and tax information.  Plus, final pay statements are always just a click away.

Deliver the Perfect Paycheck Every Time

Quick Payroll makes processing payroll a breeze. Quick Payroll links are easily accessible through the navigation bar and, once selected, the payroll entry screen allows the user to enter data into a spreadsheet-like screen for easy data entry, review, and submission of a payroll.

Geospatial Tax Identification is a tool that obtains information directly from local taxing authorities and uses the precise geographic coordinates of an employee’s residence and work address to accurately depict the local taxes that apply for that particular employee.

Calculations as You Go put an end to the payroll waiting game. No pre-processing steps are needed in order to preview pay statements for employees prior to finalization.This feature provides statements and essential reports in realtime, without the need to conduct traditional pre-pay processes.

More than 60 built-in standard reports, plus users can also create ad hoc custom reports. For example, the Payroll Register report includes all earnings, taxes, and deductions for all employees in a specific pay period; the Payroll Recap and Funding report generates the total dollars and summary breakdown of where funds were spent for that pay period. 

If you answered no to any of these questions, discover how our solutions will help you say yes.