Automate Employee Time Tracking

Our web-based application boasts unique features, is easy to use, and is a highly affordable solution that tracks time, attendance, and labor data. Features include clear and concise views of employee attendance across the entire company, configurable access rights to control system usage, employee and manager self-service, and flexible job costing, pay rates, and categories. 


Flexible, Reliable, and Easy to Use 

User-defined employee types (salaried, hourly, contractor, etc.) allow you to define appropriate pay rules and work locations for employees across multiple time zones 

Job costing offers the ability to track work, time, and expenses (bonuses, tips, etc.) against pre-defined cost centers allowing a virtually unlimited list of positions, departments, locations, and/or tasks. This results in greater accuracy when projecting labor costs and considerations for Federal tax planning and 280E. 

Managers are able to view and/or edit information on a companywide or individual level. They can access timesheets for previous or future pay periods and easily add or change report views. Virtually any changes that occur are tracked and can be reported through the audit trail feature. 

Automatic data synchronization with third-party systems eliminates double data entry and ensures that your time-tracking data gets to payroll quickly.

Intuitive interface reduces the time spent training and allows for easy integration into your daily tasks without disruption 

A wide range of additional features includes autopopulated company holidays, employee scheduling, itemized expense tracking, and mass edit capabilities. 

Time Clock Integration 

Time clocks, hardware, and data collection options that fit your needs.

Integrate different data collection options to track employee and manager time, review hours, include comments for late or missing punches, and address other exceptions, all from a single screen. Our mobile application makes it easy for your employees to clock in and out, check current or previous time sheets, and more.

  • Online portal
  • Mobile sign on
  • Proximity
  • Swipe keypads (barcode, magnetic)
  • Fingerprint recognition
  • Touch-tone phones

If you answered no to any of these questions, discover how our solutions will help you say yes.